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Alexej Mamon'ko
Founder, Restocker
Finalist of Unicorn Pitches
Summer 21
Unicorn Pitches offers a lot of potential for self-improvement! Preparing for this competition, we received the feedback about what we should improve and focus on.

I am using the acquired skills at the pitching today.

One more benefit is that the feedback from the Funds allowed us to evaluate professionally the session itself as well as formalize everything.
Dmitrij Machulin
co-founder, Beyond GG
Finalist of Unicorn Pitches
Summer 21
Probably pitching at the Unicorn Russia has become one of the steps towards pivot. There were a lot of factors, and this was just another one.

As for me, the main benefit was banal - to pitch a founder's soft skills in front of big funds and famous business angels.

And number two is that I will be able to look at my project later through an investor's eyes. Sometimes it's useful to look at the project from a different angle in order not to lose touch with reality.

Most valuable are the moments when you are asked questions and you understand that you will receive no money because of this and that.
Anton Volkov
co-founder, Solvery
Finalist of Unicorn Pitches
Summer 21
As for the feedback everything is awesome, in terms of the organization, timing - everything was great, I liked it.

With the Funds it was also cool, there were a lot of people – at some point I made a screen of the pitching with all the investors, to know who is who, so from the pitching point of view it's pretty much valuable.

I should mention a lot of opportunities at the stage of preparation: we received sample presentations, got feedback about what had to be improved, could get in touch, and run through the pitch, even a preliminary meeting was arranged.